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The Annual General Meeting & Elections - TRA.

Albert Flores 2022-09-28 13:58:15

The Annual General Body Meeting & Election (2022-2026) of Telangana Rifle Association was held on Monday 26th Sep 2022 in Jubilee International Centre, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. 

At the outset of the meeting, members were given a detailed presentation on the Association's efforts for promoting Shooting Sport in various districts of Telangana State to encourage shooting sports & awareness among the youth to nurture new talent. Telangana Rifle Association (TRA) showcased their achievements FY 2021-22 and all members applauded TRA’s contribution and leadership. TRA’s President Mr. Amit Sanghi was present in the meeting along with Mr. Gusti Noria, Sr. Vice-President who appreciated the General Secretary Mr. J Kiran & his team for promoting & identifying the hidden talent in rural areas. He also appreciated the old association members and welcomed new committee who are appointed as per society laws. 

Mr. P. Amarender Reddy, High Court Advocate was appointed Returning Officer. He explained about the election process to all the members present in the meeting. The National Rifle Association of India has appointed Mr. Kalyan Singh Kapasiya as observer. The Telangana Olympic Association has appointed Mr. M. Ramakrishna as an observer and Sports Authority of  Telangana State appointed Mr. Alexander Francis as an Observer.


The newly elected members are: 


Sl No Name Designation

1 Shri Amit Sanghi President

2 Shri Gusti Noria Sr. Vice President

3 Shri Uday Pilani Vice President

4 Shri G Pratap Kumar        Treasurer

5 Shri J Kiran General Secretary

6 Shri Dr. Sabir Ali Khan      Joint Secretary

7 Shri Mohammed Wajid Khan Joint Secretary

8 Shri J. Prithvi Reddy Executive Member

9 Shri Bobbili Narsaiah Executive Member

10 Shri  K Shravan Kumar Executive Member

11 Shri Dr. Vamsidhar Nali      Executive Member

12 Shri Mohammed Mustafa Khan Executive Member

13 Shri Mohammed Hassan Shareef Executive Member

In his message to members, The President explained how the Association has transformed itself since bifurcation and created itself separate identity in the shooting sport fraternity and is continuously developing more and more districts inspiring and motivating new shooters to achieve success in competitions. He then reiterated that “Talent hits a target no one else can hit” the need to continue transforming is essential to attract the best talent & growth opportunities. This transformation will be achieved through continuous training, increased diversity in the learning, strict discipline and dedication. Mr. Sanghi also requested the state government to allocate and release funds to to develop the infrastructure at the shooting ranges so as to enable shooters to participate in more and more numbers with basic facilities so that the Hyderabad  shooting range can become hub for conducting National Games in future.


The Meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by  Mr. Uday Pillani Vice President.


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