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Sarpanch - Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar).

Albert Flores 2021-06-22 15:33:51

Mr. Amit Sanghi was the Sarpanch of his village Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar), approximately 30 kilometers from Hyderabad for 5 years. Though holding an elected post, Amit Sanghi was not affiliated to any political party. He had been reported to be one of the youngest people to hold the office of Sarpanch.

Amit Sanghi was born in Hyderabad, Telangana. He is a commerce graduate. He belongs to a well-known industrialist family from Hyderabad.

Amit Sanghi used to divide his time between village, Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar), and Hyderabad where he lived with his parents. Amit Sanghi has a commerce degree and he is one of the few Sarpanch in Telangana with a degree.

Amit Sanghi left his family business and city life to help develop rural India. With this vision, he became the Sarpanch of Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar). He is very good in meeting with people and he used to take a lead in development of Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar). After becoming the Sarpanch of the village, he had implemented many projects successfully i.e. rain water harvesting, toilet facilities in most of the houses, etc.

During his 5 years tenure as a Sarpanch of Omerkhan Daira (Sanghi Nagar), he contributed a lot towards the development of village through many works like waterline installations, proper drainage system, Anganwadi services in village, night schools for elders, and many more.


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