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Albert Flores 2021-06-22 16:02:58

In 2020, Amit Sanghi was invited by a friend to a meeting at Rotary Club Lake District, Moinabad. He heard about Rotary Clubs, but he did not know exactly how it worked. This gathering allowed Mr. Amit Sanghi to see how people used friendship to strengthen themselves and unite efforts to make an impact in communities in need as a way to contribute to world peace. Thus, the welcoming atmosphere as well as the desire to make the world a better place motivated him to become a member of this Club.

As months passed since then, time in which he has been able to contribute and participate in numerous social projects. Few of ideas were being worked upon, the most important have been carried out in southern part of India where partnerships, co-responsibility, and mutual efforts have been vital to successfully accomplishing ambitious and sustainable goals to achieve long lasting results.  

Mr. Amit Sanghi feels very delighted to support these initiatives and visit those communities to see how the contributions of Rotary Club Lake District, Moinabad are giving abundant fruits. Currently, Mr. Amit Sanghi is working closely with his fellow club members of Rotary Club Lake District, Moinabad in a process of adopting remote villages and working towards their sustainable overall development by running various social projects.

He is a human being who breathes service and strives always to make the world a better place for the one who luckily surround him. He is caring, supportive, respectful, patient and extremely kind person.

He really embeds the Rotarian spirit.


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