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President - Telangana Rifle Association.

Albert Flores 2021-06-19 15:31:56

As President of the Telangana Rifle Association, Amit Sanghi is a leading voice for young people today, advancing the shooting sport enthusiast’s understanding of the value of sports for everyone as an essential developmental and challenging experience.

Amit Sanghi is actively advancing the strategies in the Shooting Sport against the prevalent tide of challenges affecting today’s youth, while teaching the mindsets, skills, and dispositions everyone needs to thrive in this challenging sport.

Through Amit Sanghi’s leadership, Telangana Rifle Association has adopted a bold and ambitious strategic plan to accelerate Telangana Rile Association Mission and Vision by; expanding its reach, relevance, and equitable accessibility; championing quality; and amplifying the value of sports experience in the prospective and talented shooting sport enthusiasts. Prior to serving as President of Telangana Rifle Association, Amit Sanghi had a distinguished long career in shooting sport with a lot of laurels under his belt for the country.

As a volunteer, Amit Sanghi served in diverse domains, including manufacturing sector. Amit Sanghi melds his experience into his profession with sport expertise, inspirational vision, successful fundraising experience, professional agility, organizational skills, and strategic focus. Amit Sanghi and his family lives in Hyderabad, Telangana.


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